Nongfu Spring, in cooperation with Tmall, delivers water to outdoor workers

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Source:Nongfu Spring Release date:2019-09-09


Smiling is like an innate ability for us. But this familiar ability now seems to have become a self-defense tool to cope with difficult situations and people. It becomes a cover for our true emotions.

After all, in the WeChat world of modern people, a smile often means provocation.

As a result, people are slowly ignoring the smile and the power of a smile diminishes.

However, perhaps a smile can also turn into a bottle of Nongfu Spring for those who need it most.

His full name is "City Underground Pipeline Maintenance Worker"

Urban underground pipeline maintenance workers who have just come up from the underground


Urban underground pipeline maintenance workers who have just come up from the underground.


He is next to an underground well.

His whole body is covered with heavy protective clothing,

Accompanied by a strong smell of rotten eggs.

As soon as he got up, he took off his hood and picked up a bottle of water and poured it over his head.


"It's too hot"


These are the first words he says.

He needs to go down five or six wells like this every day,

Staying in a well for an hour or two.

These are daily tasks for him.


"I went down the well for the first time and took a bath for more than an hour when I went home. I still felt that smell."


There are about 7,000 wells in one district of a city alone.

These wells usually need to be maintained once every one-to-two months.


There are others.

They shuttle around every corner of the city every day.

You can see him in the morning,

His T-shirt is wet, mostly with sweat.

The average temperature is 35 degrees Celsius.

115 daily deliveries.

Close to 10 kilometers walking every day.


"I can drink 9 bottles of Nongfu Spring a day."



And some people ride 150 kilometers every day,

No matter the weather,

To deliver hot soup and hot rice to people.

"On a rainy day, just ride slowly"

But in fact

Smallness and greatness are close to each other.

When you feel a smile again,

You will find that it's not a meaningless act.

Nongfu Spring turns these extraordinary smiles into many bottles of Nongfu Spring water.

We start at the height of summer and continue

Until the autumn, when temperatures drop to 24 degrees.

No matter whether the temperature is high or low,

Nongfu Spring accompanies outdoor workers during hard and thirsty times.

Till September 20, in the designated Tmall shops in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Dongguan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Foshan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Jinan, Zhongshan and Jingzhou, sanitation workers, courier and takeaway deliver men can buy one bottle of Nongfu Spring for 1 cent.

“Even if you are small, smiles have great power.”